July 27, 2003

Apologies to anyone still out there who still checks this site to see if it's been recently updated. Events in the world have made cracking off-color jokes low on my list of priorities, recently.

Which is not to say that the coincision of the death of Strom Thurmond with the Lawrence vs. Texas decision did not make me have serious second thoughts about my deeply felt atheism.

Here is a link to my literature site: !

Here is a link to the website of the Catholic girls school where I am currently making good use of my Ars Baccalauris by typing up class lists: $

Here is a link to Mark Pytlik's photos from Europe: *

Here is a link to BBC News, where I spend hours every day learning about shit going down in Africa & the Middle East & the EU: #

Here is a link to Minstrels: ^

Here is a link to a diatribe that I wrote about Gary Bauer & how much I want to personally make him a eunuch: /

Here is a random link. Be still your beating heart.