The Meaning of Life, Part I

And welcome, yes, welcome, to the new and somewhat improved version of my lit page. Since the original incarnation, I have learned HTML. So while the content changes only a very little, the form is warm, wet, and waiting for you, in alphabetical order. Was that gross? Sorry.

W. H. Auden
"Musee des Beaux Arts"

John Burnside

Italo Calvino
From Invisible Cities, 1972

T. S. Eliot
"East Coker", the second of the Four Quartets

Gavin Ewart
"Dream of a Slave"

Kenneth Fearing
"LOVE, 20C The First Quarter Mile"

Louise Glück
Selections from Ararat and The Wild Iris

Donald Justice
"Variations on a Text by Vallejo"

Philip Larkin
"Sad Steps"

Wilfred Owen
"Anthem for Doomed Youth"

Lucia Maria Perillo
"Dangerous Life"

Adrienne Rich
"Paula Becker to Clara Westhoff"

Anne Sexton
"The Truth the Dead Know", "The Starry Night", and "With Mercy for the Greedy"

Alfred, Lord Tennyson

Dylan Thomas
An excerpt from Under Milk Wood

Thornton Wilder
An excerpt from The Bridge of San Luis Rey

W. B. Yeats
"The Second Coming"

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