Mmhm. Here you are. At CARLYNNSPage. Which ought to have an apostrophe, but they don't come on building blocks. Here is a little bouncing graphic, even though I find them annoying.

Yikes dude. That's kinda sick.

Welcome to My Homepage. Oh god this is so fabulous. You probably think this is my first homepage, with its dorky little graphics. Har de fucking har.

Here are some links:
One train of thought.
Or another.
A farce.
And Amy's brand new homepage. Uploaded only last night, and containing fabulous graphics that she did herself.

You've had the opportunity to leave, you know. I gave it to you relatively early on. I think that was very fair and open of me. I think it demonstrates my status as a good person. And I am not trying to toot my own horn, either. I'll do that later on and be less blatant about it. Just you wait.

Here is a story. It begins

nce upon a time...