Random-ass Pictures of Us

Explanatory note:
All uses of the first person refer to me, Carlynn, page maintainer

Tristan in his homeland, rural Virginia.

Mike swathed in peanut butter and god knows what else after Campus initiations.

Engagement in Revelry

Houseparties 1998

(l-r) Hillary and Suj (not Krullerites) with Carlynn, Nick, Jane, and Tristan at the formal night of houseparties at the, ahem, Princeton Tower Club. We had a fabulous plan. Jane and Tristan are in Tower, Nick and Carlynn are in Campus. So the Iron Couple was split, a metaphor for houseparties, which was divided between Tower (formals) and Campus (semiformals).

This ever so flattering photograph of my very intoxicated thighs has been edited to protect the eyes of the uninitiated. Nick and Carlynn trying to be sexy and not succeeding. Okay, fine, I was trying to be outrageous and Nick was trying to keep us from falling in an ignominous heap on the floor.

front: Nick and Pat A. back (l-r): Mike, Tristan, Carlynn on tiptoe, Manny (non-Kruller, but awesome enough to be seen with us), and Erin, Manny's girlfriend, who doesn't go to Princeton.

Tristan and Nick, pimping it up during semiformals. I painted my nails navy blue to match Nick's tie.

Me lifting Nick during a brief interlude at Terrace, where nothing was happening. It looks cooler than it is. Nick weighs roughly eighteen pounds dripping wet, which he was not at the time.

Nick and Pat looking very charming at semiformals.

Tristan and Jane. This was a picture that took a lot of sophisticated teamwork, not to mention split-second timing. Tristan picked up Jane, Nick dashed in to yank her dress down over her control-top, and I snapped the pic. Note Nick sprinting out of range on the left.

Aww, aren't Tristan and I cute.

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