Today's theme is the .sig file. Today's date is November 24th, 1998. If we were in England, the date would be 24 November 1998. If we were in Australia, the date would be November 25th. Or possibly November 23rd.

Today's word is "burgeoning". Verb: to burgeon.

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Here are some .sig files that I used to use:

The only reason anyone ever joins a band is to get laid. Don't let anyone, particularly overrated angst-merchants called Crispin, tell you otherwise. Especially if they've got their trousers round their ankles and they're asking you to resolve their 'inner conflicts'. -KE

"I could write a miniature bizarre biography of you. It would be short...and very bizarre." —Mac, talking about me

and just think, boys. today we actually met--we actually spoke to--THE brian boitano. —the spirit of xmas

"I know! I know one! How did Darth Vader know what Luke Skywalker was getting for Christmas? He felt his presents! There, that was funny. You didn't just laugh to be polite, did you?" —Colin Greenwood couldn't come at a worse time... —the tragically hip saw your life as a series of complicated dance steps... —tindersticks

another night and i thought well well go to another party and hang myself —blur

Won't you all join with me in shedding a tear for our nation as we repeat, in unison, "The National Enquirer is the most popular newspaper in America." —Bill Shein

The speeds change, the nostalgia builds up
Into a fury of neglected life.
Looking back, it all seems very simple.
—Gavin Ewart, "78s"

breathe keep breathing i can't do this alone —radiohead

i felt like i had the attention span of a gnat on speed. -thom from radiohead

your beauty is a color surround —the verve

The root of the English word heresy is the Ancient Greek word haireios, meaning choice.

The grief that numbs the spirit gluts us quickly. —Homer

you stopped the crowd i cried out to break the spell —radiohead

...and soon the summer is ending, already
the leaves turning, always the sick trees
going first, the dying turning
brilliant yellow, while a few dark birds perform
their curfew of music.
--Louise Glück, "Matins"

it's called flowers wilt, it's called apples rot, it's called thieves get rich and saints get shot, it's called god don't answer prayers a lot, okay now you know. -"Merrily We Roll Along"

A tip for you music-hungry waifs...DON'T buy the soundtrack to the 1969 swedish film "Fanny Hill" featuring the band "Oven" with Frank Stevens on guitar (formally with popular combo "Good Grief"). It may only cost $2 but will sound very very awful. Indeed. History has forgotten these bands for good reasons, most of them musical. —Jonny Greenwood

"That is the way it is in the world—human beings make gods, and worship their creation." —The Gospel of Philip

there is no significant risk to your health
there is no significant risk to your health
there is no significance see for yourself

On 8/16/98 at 6:18 PM, Officer on patrol reported that a Port-A-John had been pushed over. The incident occurred in Lot 15 at the rear of the Armory on the grass area. No suspects were developed. —Princeton University Department of Public Safety, Case #981133.

there is no pain you are receding a distant ship's smoke on the horizon you are only coming through in waves your lips move but i can't hear what you're saying. —pink floyd

you were doing a story about if people understood what had happened to their world tonight in bed sleeping —Liz Phair

The ocean sang, the conversation's dimmed —R.E.M

While they were preparing the hemlock, Socrates was learning a tune on the flute. 'What good will it do you,' they asked, 'to know this tune before you die?' —Cioran

an ancient sumerian proverb: Arrive Early To Drink More.

in an underground white auditorium there is
a country singalong with tammy wynette. the
audience are all oil sheiks and sultans. they
sing along with beaming faces 'we came up
from behind, from behind'. —karma police

"There is a light within a man of light, and it lights up the whole world. If he does not shine, he is darkness."
—Jesus, in The Gospel of Thomas

"It's such hard work. All that *thrusting*." --An anonymous friend, on losing his virginity

"Wow. That was a lot less interesting than I thought it would be." --Kendra, after losing her virginity to The Artist Generally Known As Stinkyfeet

She will respect a confidence the same way I would. I mean—you know what I mean. —Linda Tripp, to Monica Lewinsky

this thing is like a black hole or watching "saved by the bell". you know it hurts you in the long run, and the intelligent side of you tells you to run and retain your dignity, but you listen to the side that is secretly a redneck who smokes marlboro 100's and watches jerry springer in tight acid washed jeans. —Jay, on the Starr Investigation

and true love waits, it haunted all our days... —radiohead

I am not Jesus though I have the same initials. —Jarvis Cocker

Of course you're a worrier. You're a Radiohead fan. —Mark

On Friday, April 24th, I had an epiphany:
It is impossible to be a badass when you have a triple-A sticker on the back of your Volvo.