Thursday, 12 November 1998

I remember traffic jams, motor boys and girls with tans, nearly-was and almost-rans, I remember this. History is made to seem unfair. —Berry, Buck, Mills, Stipe

So I'm currently all into "Green." Since I am too poor to go buy "Up." On which note I have recently been informed that I could make fuckloads of money by linking this site—yes, this very site—to Barnes & Noble Online. Which as far as I am concerned constitutes selling out. Even though I have already linked this site (no, okay, not this exact site—this exact site) to But I did that out of niceness. And because I hoped that maybe since I was plugging their books, the authors whose copyrights I blithely ignored on my literature site would decide not to sue me. But not because I was getting paid. And anyway, even though I love Barnes and Noble, and even though I do in fact haunt their aisles during my vacations (because, frankly, Princeton has this insane schedule that has been in effect since 1843 and is designed expressly to ensure that we are never, ever, at home at the same time as people who attend any other American institution of higher learning, which as far as I am concerned is a conscious effort on the part of Big Brother—aka. C. Anthony Broh, Registrar—to sever our ties to any- and everything other than Princeton University), and even though, to be straight with you, I hate independent booksellers, because lets be totally honest here it is completely fucking impossible to find anything in them since they appear to have an unwritten although eerily universal policy of arranging their merchandise in the most confusing of all possible ways, I am still unwilling to aid Barnes and Noble in their quest for world domination. It's just a policy I have: No world domination except by me. And I adhere strictly to the age-old time-tested strategy of divide and conquer.

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