Right. Well, here is my Radiohead page. I had another Radiohead page on the AOL account, but none of my graphics ever worked. Which frankly I found intensely miffing. So what can I say? Radiohead are, as far as I am concerned, the most incredibly and breathtakingly talented band around today, and I thought that a very long time before I heard *OK Computer*. Which incidentally does not make me a better fan, but should entitle me to be against the barricade at EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THEIR CONCERTS. The last one I went to, I was behind these three intensely trendy MTV corporate whores who had gotten out of their unmarked van and strode airily into Hammerstein--flashing their VIP passes--ten minutes before the doors opened. And so they were up against the barricade, which is where I had waited for four hours in the freezing cold on 34th street to be. Not that I'm bitter or anything. Oh no, not me. I'm never bitter. I'm a wide-eyed optimist, happy with whatever comes my way in life, content to accept the machinations of a capricious and sometimes unnecessarily vindictive fate without a whimper. Can't you tell?

Radiohead consists of:

Thom Yorke - guitar, voice, haircolor. You can tell what era a Radiohead poster is from by looking at Thom's hair. Blonde = Pablo Honey; Red = The Bends; Brown = OK Computer. If the poster's b & w you can also tell by the length, but I think I won't go into that because it makes me feel entirely too pathetic. I mean, honestly, what kind of total loser *knows* shit like that? Yeah, I know, me, that's who. Could you not rub it in, please.

Jonny Greenwood - guitar, keyboard, assorted randomness, cheekbones

Colin Greenwood - tacky jokes and ugly khakis. Oh yeah. And bass.

Ed O'Brien - polite guitar, backing vox, insane tallness. I think part of the reason I love Radiohead is because it's like this total triumph of short people. Except for Ed. But the great thing is that instead of the rest of them trying to look tall next to him, he tries to look short. This is *fabulous*. Soon instead of short people wearing high heels, we're going to have tall people *intentionally stooping*. Stooping is going to become *sexy*. This is only one of many reasons that I am personally dedicated to ensuring that Radiohead takes over the world.

Phil "is great" Selway - drums. I have a weakness for the drums. I too am a drummer, although, obviously, nowhere near as good as Phil. Go listen to Climbing Up the Walls.

And here they are, in all their anaemic glory. From left to right are: Phil, Jonny, Thom, Colin, and Ed.

Right. Well, as I say, this is not an informational page. There are loads of people who have fantabulous informational pages and their links are below. I believe that I mentioned on another section of the behemoth that is evolving into my website that I am too lazy to do what other people have already done, and that, as they say, is the god-damned truth. Why bother typing up song lyrics when jcwalsh of ireland has already done so, and considerably better than I will. Frankly I think originality is only a finely-tuned outgrowth of sloth. And sloth is my specialty. Or, as for some reason they spell it on British menus, "speciality". I could frankly never figure out if that was some kind of ubiquitous typo or if it was on purpose. I didn't exactly have the nerve to ask. You know how the British are. I mean, I love the British. I lived there for a summer and had a fabulous time. But I still wouldn't want to ask them why they, as a nationality, are incapable of spelling the word "specialty". It's sort of not done, if you catch the general drift.

Oh yeah. Links. Go crazy. In a metaphorical sort of a way.

Mmm, links...

Planet Telex
The original unofficial Radiohead internet site, after, I guess, Carl Drinkwater's now-defunct Official Unofficial page. Loads of info, pics, etc.
Jonathan Moore's fanfuckingtastic array of realaudio files. Boggles what's left of the mind. Lots of unreleased/bootleg stuff. Go, go..
another site with loads of great realaudio. keeps me happy for hours. kind of like an etch-a-sketch, but different.
a fabulous lyrics page, although i respectfully disagree on the lyrics to how i made my millions.
Against Demons
fabulous realaudio, and home of the radiohead-announce list
more realaudio, cool song-evolution section
The Official Parlophone Site
deep thoughts and drunken ramblings. also thom's grocery list. don't go here for up-to-the minute tourdates--go to Planet Telex. go here for the hell of it. as far as i can tell, that's the point.
the radiohead mailing list
click here and write subscribe radiohead in the body of the message and you will receive more radiohead-unrelated email than you ever dreamed possible.
carlynn's madass awesome bands page
go here to find out everything you ever didn't want to know about me and my musical taste. whatever's left of it.
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