The New York crew

Me and Lilly after graduation. There was a reception in the gym and the lights gave everything a greenish tint. Keep it in mind.

With Shannon at the same reception. Do I have the most beautiful friends ever or what? I think I do.

My mother and I, same reception, same faint greenish tinge. My mother would have to be the most wonderful person in the whole wide world. This is what Marilyn Monroe would have looked like if she had lived to be 57. I was reading some book on her (Marilyn Monroe) last night at work and when I saw the pictures it was the weirdest thing ever because my mother looked just like her when she was twenty. Except my mother didn't have to have a nose job, like Marilyn did.

My father and I outside my building after the reception. No greenish tinge. Note my exceedingly cool and excruciatingly painful shoes. I named them. To put a title on the instruments of my torture. One of them was Marigold and I can't remember the other. I got home and my such cramps in my feet that I couldn't walk. We had a nice luncheon at my apartment, with my cousins Will and Julie and my honorary godmother, my mother's friend Nancy R., and I wandered around barefoot.

With Nancy R. (who since her marriage is actually Nancy K., but I'm old and set in my ways) and Will, my cousin. Nancy lives across the street from us, but Will and Julie recently moved to Vermont, which leaves a huge gaping hole in the Houghton family social life, let me tell you. Will is my Aunt Julie's son. It's all extensively complicated. I won't start.

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