Radiohead: bet you that i'm safe, warm..sit down..let it fall..let it fall..let it fall...
Pink Floyd: Shine On and On...a very good Floyd site on the net, with a fab lyrics section
Pink Floyd: an amazing 1978 article about Syd Barrett and his descent into madness. "the color black is not a solitary real color..."
Longpigs: THE WEB iS OfTEN oUT is a very good site, and it totally vindicates my atrocious sense of humor. no pun is as bad as that one.
Blur: "best days"...loads of info and all the anti-american slurs you could possibly want
Oasis: "All Around the World", with chords, mp3, tourdates, etc.
Pulp: the official pulp site. as it turns out, three words that describe candida doyle are "tendency, towards, lateness." i knew i had a spiritual bond with this band.
The Verve: bad graphics but good info and links
The Sea and Cake: not a great site, but the only one out there
Cake: mmm...cake...a band. a very good page. go, sate thyself.
WPRB: it's not a radio station. it's a way of life. click here for a program guide and much, much, more.
The Clash: "London's Burning"...lyrics, bio, etc. i would say "from the top of the dial", but it would be just too awful.
Spiritualized: lyrics, tourdates, a/v, etc.
Tindersticks: not a great site, but again, the only one on the web. which is a travesty, because they are a fantastic band.
Unbelievable Truth: cathy fan's (dare i say) unbelievable (ouch) unofficial site. everything you ever wanted, plus links.
Interference: arrive early to drink more.

Music and Related Obsessions

Welcome to my happy page. That's a joke, incidentally. No, a sarcasism. Which is a word I just invented. Making it no less of a word than any other, or at least no less of a word than "leafmeal", which is one of my favorites.

Oh right. Music. Yeah, this is a page about music. We're doing the links on the sidebar thing I think. Yeah links on the sidebar.

Right. Well, first, of course, we have RADIOHEAD, who are as far as I am concerned the best band ever to grace this planet with their presence. And in fact, you can hie you to my very own Radiohead page, and from there to some pages containing real information.

Next we have R.E.M., who as far as I am concerned should have renamed themselves with the exit stage left of Bill Berry. But hey, it's actually none of my business. Which I can handle and all.

PINK FLOYD. A very good band. There is no pain you are receding a distant ship's smoke on the horizon. I went through this period in November when I played that song nonstop, on repeat. According to my friend Nancy, it put the entire hall into some kind of lethargic melancholy. Such is the power of the ear. Which is kind of annoying, if you think about it. Ears, I mean. The ear is not a prepossessing appendage.

At this very moment I am listening to the LONGPIGS. A longpig, incidentally, is a human being roasted alive by cannibals. Attractive, huh? Or should I say delicious. No, that's *too* tacky, even for me.

And next we have the Britpop crew, who never cease to cheer me up. BLUR, OASIS, and PULP. I wanna live like the common people. Oh fucking yeah...

THE VERVE are another prize. "Your beauty is a color surround." For that lyric alone I love them. But be careful. The Verve are addictive. A sort of musical opium. Light that pipe. Do it. All the cool kids are.

THE SEA & CAKE are one of my radio prizes. I'm a DJ at the indie station at Princeton, WPRB, for whose homepage the link is to your left, if I could possibly make that clause more confusing, and The Sea and Cake are one of the bands I found in the dark moments of my second hour, when there were eleven seconds left on the last song and I had nothing else primed to go. The Sea and Cake should not be confused with...

CAKE, another very good band. Whenever I listen to Cake I think of being in England. I had two tapes when I was in England: "Fashion Nugget" by Cake and "OK Computer" by Radiohead. And a walkman that was permanently jammed on fast forward. But if you pressed "play" with fast forward, then it would play. I had to turn the batteries around to shut it off. Anyway, I listened to Cake a lot in Britain, and it still makes me think about being on National Express, busing my merry way around the countryside on my days off from work.

The third tape I had in London was one Duncan McKean gave me in July. An old demo from his now defunct band, STILL LIVES TALKING, which you can only hear if you email him and convince him to send it to you or by listening to my radio show, 103.3FM, 3-4 pm on Thursdays, when I tend to play it.

My walkman died a quiet death on the plane back to America.

Oh of course. THE CLASH. How could I forget them? I love them. I try very hard to like punk, but the only punk I've ever really succeeded in loving is the Clash. One day I'll make the big investment and buy something by the Sex Pistols.

SPIRITUALIZED are so indescribably wonderful. They are opening for Radiohead and it is basically my dream concert. More on that afterwards.

And the TINDERSTICKS, who like Spiritualized were first lent to me by my friend Micah, who interviewed them in Britain this fall for PRB. Another of the bands that tends to show up on my radio show. Their concert was one of the best shows I've ever seen. Even if Stuart Staples *was* drugged out on God knows what and kept swaying. And I was in the front, up against the stage. He's a big man. I had visions of being crushed.

UNBELIEVABLE TRUTH are another very good Oxford band. Another as in, "along with Radiohead", not "along with Supergrass", who in my personal opinion are nowhere near as super as grass. Yeah. That was a stupid pun. Sorry.

INTERFERENCE belong to Marnie and Christian, ex Radiohead-listees. I've never actually heard Interference (every time I manage to accumulate six bucks to buy their demo, I run out of cigarettes) but Christian and Marnie are just rad cool and furthermore very nice and have good shoes, and so you should hie you to their webpage.

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