Look, okay, fine. So the organization thing died. It lasted just under 24 hours. Then I realized that it was not only ludicrous but utterly impossible for me to maintain anything other than a tenuous semblance of order in my life. Order is depressing to me. And I will not be depressed. Yeah taking control of my hormone secretions. Yeah.

Well, here's a quick plug for you. Go to the Kruller homepage and read good writing. Next issue out in a week or two. Last year's campaign slogans included:


I made that one up. Pretension being one of my many extracurricular activities. Speaking of extracurricular activities, there will eventually be a page here where you can go and see what bands are playing at Campus. Porque I will have scheduled them.

Right this minute I actually need to use the phone and call some people, but my roommate is on the phone with her mother. And I like her mother, so I don't want to be a brat. My roommate's name is Jane. Her picture, and many others, is here. I think, anyway. The reason that I have quit naming and started numbering is because I could never remember what name went with what number. Which presented a bit of a problem, if you catch my general drift.

Here is a link for your visiting pleasure.

[A link for your visiting pleasure.]