[August 28, 2001]

I've found a fabulous new Radiohead site. Follow Me Around. I put up this link partly for my own reference, and partly for anyone else who happens by. This new site is fantastic. (Intelligent) lyrics, which is my primary concern, but also tour info, articles, etcetera. That's the funny thing about the internet, though. How it seems so real. So permanent. I remember when I first became hugely obsessed with Pablo Honey and went to the Official Unofficial Radiohead Page, which back then (1995) was the best of the best Radiohead pages and was maintained by Carl Drinkwater, whatever happened to him. And then that became defunct, and Planet Telex came along to fill the gaps and raise the standard and all sorts of other positive, Puritan-work-ethic sorts of things. But then a year or two ago I guess Jean-Francois got bored or moved on, or anyway Planet Telex became highly focused on the mailing list, and eventually on the Convoy, and stopped being updated, really, except sort of halfheartedly, and when Kid A came out I went online to look around and see what people were saying and it was like a wasteland, like a memory, the way memories really are, pale and very still. And so my point is that this is a great site. Smart, well organized, aesthetically attractive. But I am not going to allow myself to become emotionally involved in it. By which I mean don't fool yourself. They're just dreams, these pages. Light and colors. But that's the thing about light, that what defines it is it's moving.

[You too, didn't you know? Try this one.]