I stood in front of your face when the first bullet was shot. (more Radiohead)

So go on. Let's play fourth grade slumber party. Do you believe in true love? Do you doubt the existence of God? Do you think that Christian Slater is hot? Send your opinions to me, Carlynn, via the following link, which, thank god, bears no resemblance to an envelope, and neither twists nor spins. For what it's worth, I doubt the existence of God, I believe that true love happens only occasionally and briefly, and in the intervening years I have forgotten exactly what Christian Slater looks like. Wasn't he in K-9? Wasn't that kind of the death-knell of his career? I believe so. And does anyone know what happened to the other Christian? Christian Bale, who was in Empire of the Sun as a young thing, and I had a crush on him then, when I was also a young thing, and then he became nice looking and was in something, I don't remember what. Was it (horrors) Swing Kids? I think it might have been. "Swing heil! Swing heil!" That was really an incredibly bad movie, and it also starred Robert Sean Leonard as another of the Good Aryans Oppressed By Hitler Because (that's right, kids) They Liked Swing Music. I shit you not.

But Christian Bale. He was also in that weird movie with the singing 18th-century paper delivery boys. There he was. He sang, he danced, he delivered newspapers. Hollywood is so bizarre. Whose idea was that, I ask you. Who thought that it would be cool to make a musical movie about singing paper boys? Fire that person. And while you're at it, fire the person who thought it would be a good idea to release The Patriot in the UK.

Okay, bedtime. here is a link to the next page in this thread, number 14, which I have yet to make as of tonight. If that doesn't work, go here and choose another thread.