Friday, December 15th, 2000

Hmm. I am back. Possibly with a vengeance, but more likely without. Someone asked me the other day why I had kept a journal on the web. And the answer is...the answer is...that anyway, he was too young to recognize that reference probably, which is depressing. But as Winona told us, nobody knows. It never occurred to me that I was keeping a journal. Actually, I did once keep journals. But I don't recommend it to my readers, as later in life you will feel obligated, as I did, to reread them and cringe at the pathetic adolescent that you were. Point being, this is not a journal. It can disappear at any moment, whenever Tripod gets tired of hosting me. In fact, I think I am supposed to sign in to my Tripod account once every certain number of days in order to avoid having my account cancelled. But I can't remember the number of days. Such is life.

Anyway, it's Christmas now and Christmas is my very favorite season. Which is interesting indeed in that it falls within winter, which is my least favorite season for very conventional reasons such as the fact that I hate the cold. But I like Christmas, because it is the only time in which New York, where I live and have always lived, tries to make itself a beautiful city, something that it is by accident at other times but never with such effort and intent.

So yeah. I've graduated. That to my loyal readers, who are probably considerably less loyal than they used to be, all things considered, most importantly the fact that this is the first addition to this site since June. Or possibly May. I don't remember. Mark Pytlik, if you're out there, hello. I've graduated and I was employed, but now I am unemployed and at home spreading the Christmas spirit like the flu. I was employed for five months, which put me one month under the minimum for collecting unemployment benefits, which irritated me a great deal until my irritation was washed away by the Christmas spirit.

Here's a link. Follow it....

I wrapped you inside my coat when they came to firebomb the house (Radiohead)